The history of the brand

My great-grandfather Eugène Tiberghien, general manager of the Tiberghien Frères Tiberghien Frères, launched Mailcott in the early 1960s. His natural taste for beautiful things quickly made Mailcott a leading design brand. The garments were made from high-quality yarns on Rachel knitting machines. The factory was located in Villiers-Bretonneux, near Amiens and employed up to 500 people. In 1975 the parent company went bankrupt. The Mailcott brand disappears.

In 2021 I decide to relaunch the brand!


Mailcott today

Mailcott's clothes have always been made in France. When the Villers factory closed, the brand did not relocate its production but simply disappeared.

Two years ago, my mother, anxious to perpetuate the family heritage, took over a knitting workshop in Roanne.

So it was only natural that I asked him to produce the Mailcott sweater in his workshop when he relaunched the brand.

The return of the Mailcott brand is a sign that we can return to French manufacturing of our clothing.

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